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Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds are cut to exacting mathematical proportions to show maximum brilliance.  The resulting explosion of light sets the Eternity Diamond apart from just any diamond.  Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds exclusive Hearts and Arrows diamond was developed to give you a diamond that is “one in a million”- the most perfectly cut diamond in the world. 

No precious stone comes out of the ground perfectly formed. Invariably what enhances the worth of any gemstone is what is done to it once it is mined and brought to the House ultimately responsible for revealing its inner beauty. We know that diamonds achieving the highest grade are those that adhere to what are traditionally known as the Four Cs—Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat. 

More information on the 4Cs of Diamond Grading

The Eternity Guarantee 


At Eternity Diamonds we stand behind our products.

Eternity Diamonds are independently graded and certified by the Australian Diamond Grading Laboratory.

These diamonds are also checked by the master grader at Eternity Diamonds to assure complete accuracy every time. 

We GUARANTEE every diamond is as described on the accompanying certification.  

Eternity Custom Made Rings

Found your dream engagement ring? We can make it with your dream diamond

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Let us help you create your perfect design. 

Visit your nearest Eternity Diamonds stockist and have your ideal engagement or dress ring created.

Watch as your jewellery is transformed from a 3D model to a beautiful finished Australian made piece.  


– CAD Modelling

– Australian made

– Expertly hand assembled and finished 


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