Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds are available in a variety of fancy shapes. The same commitment to excellence and attention to cutting quality are used to bring you our range of Fancy Cut Diamonds. Itís important that you donít confuse cut with shape. Cut, one of the 4Cís, determines how fiery and brilliant your diamond is while shape describes the physical shape of the diamond.

There is a diamond shape to suit every personality and style. Take some time to learn about fancy shape diamonds and you are sure to find one thatís right for you. Naturally Fancy Cut Diamonds are Laser Inscribed & Guaranteed by Certification. Traditionally, the most popular cuts for fancy shape diamonds are oval, pear, marquise, heart, emerald and princess.

Oval - A modified version of the round brilliant. Based upon the configuration of the round brilliant cut from which it derives its technical name of Ďoval modified brilliantí. This shape is very popular for three stone rings, such as anniversary rings, with two matching diamonds on either side of the oval.
Pear - Shaped like a teardrop, the pear shape is a versatile diamond and refracts light well. Used often as side stones or signally in rings, pendants and earrings. Pear shape diamonds combine the best of the oval and marquise diamond and are highly sought after.
Marquise - A traditional shape dating back to Louis XIV. According to legend he wanted a stone to be polished into the shape of Madame Pompadour. Eternity Marquise diamonds are well known for their aesthetic beauty and balance.
Emerald - This diamond is rectangular in shape and has nice clean lines. The reflection of light is beautiful in a well cut Emerald Cut Eternity Diamond. It is often the centre stone of a three-stone setting.
Princess - This square cut diamond has spectacular fire and brilliance. It is fast becoming one of the most popular modern cuts. The princess cut is beautiful as a solitaire or in a multi stone ring.
Square Radiant - A variation of the Emerald Cut Radiant above that is well balanced and is ideal either as a solitaire or a centre stone.
Square Emerald - A variation of the Emerald cut that is equal sided and well balanced. This shape is also sometimes called an Assher Cut.
Emerald Cut Radiant - A modern rectangular cut diamond that has spectacular refractive and scintillating properties because of the multiple facets so positioned to reflect the light.